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Plastigo SPEEDHEAT Plastigo Australia.
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Speed Heat
Injection Moulding
Plasto Peg
Road Safety Products

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No Smoke
Burns ± 30 Hours
Ready to use

Handle with care
Harmful if swallowed, consult physician
Keep away from children and animals
Store away from feed and foodstuff
Keep away from open flame and direct heat

Plasto-Lite refill - click for larger image

1. Remove clear polycarbonate lens.
2. Remove red wick cover.
3. Light wick and replace lens.
4. When finished using Plasto-Lite, replace red wick cover and store lamp in a suitable place for future use.

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: When re-filling the fuel bottle.

For optimum performance of our product and to avoid danger, please DO NOT TRY TO REFILL WITH OTHER FUELS. Paraffin is highly not advised, smokeless, odourless fuels are recommended.

Please consult you local directory for your nearest supplier of recommended fuels.

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